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After you finish your short guided tour in the Dublin Mountains you may wish to try the new craze Footee, "footbal golf". If you want to stick to traditional have a round pitch and putt or a full round of golf. You may also like to try horse riding in the local stables. For the more adventourous why not try waterrafting- it is great fun and you will experience nature close to the city.
Families try Zipit - while the kids are busy zipping through the forest, some of the adults might like to take one of our walks in Dublin mountains.
Where to stay:
For a truly authentic experience, why not stay in Dublin Mountain Cottages. These cottages are on the trail and also close to shopping amenities in Dundrum and Dublin city. For hotels - see South Dublin Tourism. For those on a budget and want to experience the buzz of the city - we recommend Avalon House
For Coffee and lunch try
Dinner and entertainment try
Johnnie Foxes for great food and afternoon music sessions at weekends and bank holidays
Merry Ploughboy Pub for dinner and show at night
Also try Viking Splash - Irelands only tour company that shows you sights of Dublin on both land and water, without having to leave the vehicle.
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