Trails and Tales - Walking Tours in the Dublin Mountains

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  • Visitors to Dublin on short break and are seeking the Irish countryside as well as the visiting Dublin City.
  • Those who are not experienced long distance walkers - but who like short walks and little bit of exercise (nothing too strenuous), beautiful scenery and fresh air.
  • Girls Day Out - Hen Parties.
  • Students / Overseas Visitors Learning English / Au Pairs
  • Social Clubs or work groups
  • Photographers
  • Film Production Companies in Dublin
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We also have many years of experience working with those from overseas who are in Ireland to learn a language. This Dublin cultural walk is a great way to increase you English language skills and knowledge of the Irish way of life, while having a fun relaxing walk in the beautiful Dublin Mountains. We cater for all levels of English speakers from beginner to competent. The guide speaks some Italian and can organise interpreter for larger groups if required. (Extra cost applies for same)

Corporate Events

For those attending corporate events in Dublin and may have a short gap in their day, we can arrange for you and your colleagues/ partner to take one of our short cultural walks of the Dublin mountains. For those who are in business or organising corporate events in Dublin we can enhance the visitor’s experience, by offering an enjoyable short walk while gaining some knowledge of the heritage of the Dublin Mountain area. The trails are easily accessible from City West Conference Centre and nearby business parks in Dublin.

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