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Trails & Tales offer unique sightseeing tours of Dublin as many of the walking trails are completely new offering visitors to Dublin panoramic views of the city below. We can also include a visit to the world famous Johnnie Foxes Pub to enjoy a cool pint and a lively music session, just to complete the experience. Our guided walks are led by a local guide who can offer a unique insight to Dublin Culture from a rural perspective, highlighting the nature and stories that are native to this area of the Dublin Mountains.

After collection or arranging to meet at specified point, we will take you the short distance to the breathtaking countryside to begin your tour. Many our sightseeing tours of Dublin offer panoramic views of the city and beyond, where there will be many photo opportunities for you to capture these magnificent views, so don't forget to bring your camera. Our other Dublin cultural walks will take you through forests and valleys, with lake and river views. We can also visit some ancient rural Dublin cultural sites with ancient monuments, where you will have a chance to enjoy stories, legends and myths from the past. If you just want to enjoy the views without all the talking - we can do that too!


You too to have a fun and enjoyable time in the Dublin Hills - its so close you can almost smell the heather!


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